• We design, Manufacture & supply the Head Boxes as per customers specific requirement, machine speed and grades of paper.
  • Head Box width : 2000 - 6000mm
  • Hydraulic Head Box speed : 300 - 800 mpm
  • Air Cushioned Head Box Speed : 250 - 450 mpm
  • Open Head Box Speed : 50 - 250mpm
  • We can also supply head box with CD controls of GSM


  • Scan supplies 4 wire and wire with top former.
  • Cantilever wire section for lesser down time.
  • Auto tension and auto guide systems for better wire life
  • Suction couch and forward drive rolls for better power distribution.
  • Various types of typically designed forming board, Foil box, Formation box, Low vacuum box, Duo flow, Trivac etc to suit various grades of paper.
  • Doctors & showers for wire.


  • Closed draw Bi-Nip Press & Tri Nip Press
  • Wide Nip Press upto 400 KN / M
  • Press concept with 1500 dia roll for wider Nip.
  • Motorized stretchers for high speed machines.
  • Air tube flexible doctors for single & double doctoring.


  • Suction Couch, Suction Pick up & Suction Press Rolls
  • Bronze / S.S. Shells
  • The noise reduction sealing strips
  • Single zone / Two zone / Three zone suction rolls
  • S.S. Internals


  • Unique Pillar type framing
  • Unirun Dryer Group
  • Double tier dryer group
  • Three tier dryer groups
  • Silent drive systems
  • Auto felt Screen tensioner
  • Auto felt guide
  • Pneumatic operated spring roll system.
  • Drying cylinders of 1500mm - 1800 mm dia
  • Central oil lubrication system
  • Rope Feeding system


  • Inclined, Pond as well as Metering size press.
  • Speeds upto 600 mtrs / minute
  • Both side controlled sizing
  • Operator friendly & efficient system.


  • Cross sectional coating weight adjustment unit
  • Chrome coated applicator roll
  • High performance synthetic rubber for back roll
  • Concept M reduces length of Machine.


  • Crown Controlled soft roll.
  • Oil heated thermo roll.
  • Roll surface temperature 200oC
  • PLC Controller System
  • Web break system
  • Multi Nip or Single Nip
  • Crown Controlled Roll
  • Peripherally heated roll
  • Back to back Calender stack
  • Air tube loaded Doctor holders & blades
  • Higher smoothness with less bulk reduction.


  • Horizontal loading
  • Easy spool / Roll changing
  • Spool starter to avoid loose winding
  • Tight and wrinkle free winding
  • Auto spool change


Scan is the exclusive Indian Agent for LEONHARD BREITENBACH GMBH, Germany
Pioneers in manufacturing chilled cast iron Calender Rolls.
  • Peripherally drilled heated rolls
  • Heated Calender rolls.
  • Crown controlled roll shells
  • Chill depth upto 15mm
  • Hardness 550 HV
  • Soft nip Calender Rolls


Scan supplies Drying cylinders of diameters upto 1800 mm and face length up to 6000mm for different working pressures.
  • These Drying cylinders can operate upto 1000 MPM
  • Casted Press Rolls
  • Pope Drum
  • Cooling cylinders


  • Module type winder for vibration free slitting
  • High speed upto 2200 mpm
  • Web width upto 6 mtrs
  • Jumbo Roll Diameter upto 3.5 mtrs
  • Daughter Reel Diameter upto 2 mtrs
  • Auto Torque control for Both Drums
  • Surface coated Drums for better web traction
  • Auto Nip Control for Rider Roll Pneumatic I Hydraulic
  • Auto web tension Control by loadcells
  • PLC Based Control Automation
  • AC Servo motor controlled Shaftless Rewinding
  • User friendly knife setting I Replacement
  • LM Guideway for Rider Roll & Core Chuck Movement
  • Hydraulic Operated Reel Ejector
  • Hydraulic Operated Reel unloader
  • Integrated unloader serves as safety guard
  • Unwind Motorized Axial movement on LM Guide ways for deckle adjustments
  • Hydraulic Clutch for Parent Roll Clamping
  • Unwind Brake Generator for Power Saving
  • VFD Operated individual AIC Motor Driven Bottom Slitters
  • High Precision, Combined Movement of Top & Bottom Slitter Adjustment
  • Multi Spline type coupling & Shaft for Low Backlash


  • Paper GSM : 400 - 550
  • Speed upto 300 MPM
  • Cutting Length : 450 to 1450 MM
  • De - curling system
  • Automatic Counter and label inserting system
  • AC servo motor control system for cutting lengh
  • Paper stacking system.
  • Vaccum system for dust removal
  • Paper diagonal adjustment.


  • Grinding of the rolls and drying cylinder
  • Servicing of the suction rolls
  • Servicing of all type of rolls
  • Servicing of crown controlled rolls.


  • Scan re-locates paper machine from Europe and other countries to India and other parts of the world.
  • Scan rebuilds the existing machine at affordable cost.
  • Solutions are provided for improving the quality and production capacity.
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